Helsping companies to make better products & better brands
Anna Rinta-Jyllila from My Concept

My Concept - Anna Rinta-Jyllilä

When someone asks about my profession, 10 years ago I would have told I'm a designer. Now I say that I help companies to make better products and better brands.
I do so much more than just design. I'm a commercially oriented, extremely versatile and multi-talented product developer/ manager/ designer with a vast experience of women's, men's and children's wear and accessories. I've done indoor and outdoor clothing, casual wear, street wear, functional clothing, sportswear and wearable technology. Even product management for an interior design company.
Everything from clothing collections to whole brand concepts or a single product or an all-over print. From design and development to producing and marketing. I master the whole process from an idea to product and beyond.
My Concept is Design, Development and Management services for clothing and other design product businesses and organisations.

Product development men's wear


Production Management, Product Management,
Design Management, Concept Management, Branding & Consulting, Design, Research, Measurement & Technical Design, Product Development, Trend Forecasting & Styling


Women, Men, Kids, Print & Patterns and Graphic Design

Sportswear design
product development women's wear


David, Outech, S-Group, Kesko, DeZio, Guahoo,
North Outdoor, Wicked Fitness, Småwe & N/O